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Sensor Mini Rechargeable Powerful Headlamp Fishing Lamp Camping Waterproof Head Flashlight Hunting Hiking USB LED Work Headlamp

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The portable outdoor indnctive light is all-perspectively designed, the USB port charging adds a stronger power on it. Special double-switch design to ensure you a convert modes convert. Hight-capacity rechargeable battery offers a long lasting powering for safer outdoor sports. The headlamp is mainly used for fishing, hunting, night running, hiking and camping.

1.The Finger Induction Headlight, When your hand is near to the headlight within 10 cm, the headlight will turn on, when you finger left the headlight , it will be turn off.
2.The Headlight contain the battery. You Can use the USB charge cable charging for the headlight.
3.It has two switch, Press Switch and Inductive Switch.
4-Modes for Press Switch:High/Mid/Low/Flashing( Press and hold for 2 seconds to enter the flashing)
1-Modes for Inductive Switch: High Light

Can be used as headlight
With adjustable headband, you can use more comfortable
Easy and convenient to apply and remove
It just can use for rain days, but can't use diving.
Power supply: Included the battery
Weight: 60g

Instructions for use:

Instructions for use:
1. The battery has the positive pole facing inward (the lamp holder side), and the negative pole facing outward (tail).
2. The switch is at the rear, the switch function is the switch function, and the lightly press the switch is the dimming function.
two. Circuit board instructions
1. Our torch adopts advanced voltage-stabilized and constant-current technology, which can effectively solve the requirement of LED torch for voltage-stabilized and constant current.
2. Special tips: a. Do not use over-voltage, and the voltage should not exceed 4.2V. b. The positive root of the battery is facing forward, and do not reverse, otherwise it will burn the board. c. Pay attention to the temperature change of the flashlight to ensure heat dissipation. d. Non-professionals Do not open the circuit board
3. Warranty description: Opened or processed circuit boards are no longer covered by the warranty.
three. Lithium battery instructions
1. Lithium battery characteristics: Lithium batteries and mobile phone batteries have completely different charging methods; lithium batteries have no memory and can be charged at any time, do not overcharge or discharge.
2. The first charge is 6 hours, and then the green light on the charger will be on. There is no need to overcharge.
3. It is specially reminded to use the “three-proof” charger with anti-overcharge, anti-reverse connection and anti-short circuit;
4. If the battery is not used for a long time, it should be fully charged and stored. Normally, it should be charged and discharged again in about three months;
Four. Instructions for use of torch
1. When the torch is in use, choose according to the voltage and battery requirements of the torch. Do not use it indiscriminately to prevent the circuit board from burning out. Do not use batteries of different models and voltages at the same time.
2. In use, turn off the torch when the brightness of the torch changes significantly to prevent over-discharge of the battery.
3. Heat dissipation skills: ensure heat dissipation during the use of the flashlight. When the battery is strongly required to be fully charged, it is best to use the second gear first, so that the lamp holder and battery of the torch can extend the life of the product! Do not direct the light of the flashlight into the eyes of people. It is super bright and dazzling, so as not to affect the eyesight, especially for children.
five. Troubleshooting
1. Check the battery: make sure that the battery is powered and install the battery in the correct direction. Do not use batteries of different brands, and do not mix old and new batteries.
2. Check the tail cover: make sure that the switch has been tightened and the contact is good, and the copper pillar of the tail cover is in good contact with the metal sheet of the tail cover pressing ring. Pay attention to whether the lamp cap is loose.

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Lithium Metal

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Lampki Choinkowe


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within 24 hours

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