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Letonpower rechargeable flashlight strong Flashlight Portable Outdoor light waterproof fishing flashlight the best flashlight

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  Product parameters:

Model:Defender X10000

Power Source:Built-in Rechargeable Battery

Brightness:10,000 lumens

Max.runtime:12 hours

Max.beam distance:500 meters

Peak beam intensity:29500CD

Switch:Side switch

Charging method:USB Type-C interface

Light Source:9 pieces OSRAM 6500K LED and

3 pieces OSRAM 3000K LED


Size:116mm (Length)x 50.4mm (Head Diameter)x 44.5mm



Powerful USB Type-C rechargeable flashlight with max 10,000 lumens.

9 pieces OSRAM 6500K LED and 3 pieces OSRAM 3000K LED for super bright brightness.

Display shows specific modes and battery power indicator.

Intelligent side switch in the head for easy operation.

Anti-reverse protection circuit design to prevent damage from incorrect batteryinsertion.

Circuit with overcharge protection to extend battery life,Low Power Protect:It will automatically turn off when then voltage below 2.8V.

Anti-slip design for easy carry.

Heat sink design for better heat dissipation.

Flashlight tail can be stand as a candle.

  The package includes:

1x LetonPower DefenderFlashlight(Built-in battery)

1x User Manual

1x Type-C power cable

1x Lanyard

1x portable bag

Note:The above-mentioned parameters are approximate and may vary between flashlights,batteries,and environments.

  Use and maintenance:

When not charging, please keep the rubber plug of the charging port closed to prevent moisture and dust from entering.

If not used for a long time,please charge before use.

Practical to reflect value

▶LetonPower Defenderis a ultra bright rechargeable flashlight with intelligent side switch and digital display for mode/battery power indicator.

▶It utilizes 9 pieces OSRAM 6500K LED and 3 pieces OSRAM 3000K LED,maxoutput is 10,000 Lumens.This flashlight is made of aircraft-grade aluminium alloy,anti-scratch hard oxidation finish.

▶Sturdy and durable for long time using,Powered by Built-in rechargeable batteries.

▶Easy charging with a USB Type-c cable,the digital display show charging or charged.6 modes plus strobe mode and SOS mode to meet different illumination demands.

▶LetonPower Defenderis the perfect choice for hiking,searching,camping,fishing,night walking,power outage,emergency,self-defense and home repairing.

▶IPX 67 waterproof: fully enclosed waterproof design, can adapt to rainy, foggy, bathroom and other wading environments. It is a versatile household outdoor flashlight.


▶The brightness of the strong light is too strong,please do not directly irradiate the eyes to avoid damage to the eyes.

▶The high heat in the strong light mode will cause the flashlight to become hot.This is a normal situation.If you use the strong light mode,it is recommended not to exceed 20 minutes.

Dual light source
——7 dimmable lighting modes

▶In the era of mountaineering,say goodbye to single light source and welcome dual light source.

▶7 dimmable lighting modes: super bright/high/medium/low/strobe/yellow light, long press the switch to use the flash. Yellow light is very suitable for use in smoky,rainy,foggy and other environments.It is an all-round outdoor flashlight and fire-fighting flashlight.

The contents of the digital display are as follows


When turning on,the digital display screen will show mode number shortly for 1 second,then switch to battery power indicator quickly.

Turbo:Cold White and Warm white with 10,000 Lumens.

“6”Mode:Warm yellow with 2000 Lumens.


“4”Mode:Cold White with 8000 Lumens.

“3”Mode:Cold White with 3000 Lumens.

“2”Mode:Cold White with 1200 Lumens.

“1”Mode:Cold White with 300 Lumens.

 2.Digital Display Battery Power Indicator:(9 for full power,1 for low power)

Digital display shows”9″for 90%-100%

Digital display shows”8″for 80%-90%

Digital display shows”7″for 70%-80%

Digital display shows”6″for 60%-70%

Digital display shows”5″for 50%-60%

Digital display shows”4″for 40%-50%

Digital display shows”3″for 30%-40%

Digital display shows”2″for 20%-30%

Digital display shows”1″for 10%-20%

Digital display shows”0″for 0-10%

When the indiicator displays 1 or less,you need to change batteries or charge this flashlight in time.


▶ON/OFF:Single click the side Switch.

▶Mode Selection:When the flashlight is and hold the switch to cycle from 1-6 modes.loosen the switch at your selected output.Next ON will memorize the last mode you selected

▶Turbo:Double dick to access Turbo,then click back to the model before entering the Turbo model.

▶Strobe:When the flashlight is OFF,press and hold the switch to access Strobe

▶Lock:When the flashlight is OFF,quick triple press,pause 1 second,one more quick triple press.The digital display screen shows L,and twinkes slowly.It means successfully lockout.

▶Unlock:When the flashlight is Locked,press and hold the switch until “L” display,the flashlight will be Unlocked.


Hidden USB TYPE-C charging design.Open the rubber plug to expose the USB port,then insert USB cable to charge.

Charging:USB Type-C 5V 2A,Available for all kinds of 5V adaptors.

Charging status:When being charge,the dot shows on the digital display twinkles slowly and the number on the digital display will increasing from 0-9.When charging is complete,the dot will stay light-up and the digital display show”9″.

Discharging:Type-C 5V 1A,Use as a power bank,you can charge your cell phone or other devices.Available for all kinds of 5V electronic equipment charging.

Charge Time:about 6 Hours

Additional information

Model Number

Defender X10000


Shock Resistant,Self Defense,POWER BANK,Hard Light


Multifunctional Charging

Focal Length


Light Source

LED Bulbs



Body Material




Switch Mode




Model of LED Beads


Flashlight Type

outdoor lighting





Support Dimmer

5-8 files

Lighting Distance

200-500 m

Brand Name



Mainland China

Item Type


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